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Golieths Lil Diamond Smidgen


(so named for the 'smidgen' of white on her chest)


     In memory....

3/29/02  ~  3/1/10

"Smidgen" -conformationally beautiful black Dane bitch with a wonderful temperament to follow!

     Smidgen is a beautiful black bitch, standing 34+" and weighing 141 lbs.  She was whelped in March of 2002.  Her temperament cannot be beat.  She is your classic Dane;  loving, attentive, intelligent, confident and, of course, very demonstrative.  Not only is her temperament wonderful, she is a very typey Dane, as well.  She has a GORGEOUS headpiece with a striking stop, tight eyes, and well set ears -all this set on a long neck into a nice shoulder.

     Additionally, and even more important, Smidgen comes from healthy stock.  She has had her hips x-rayed, which vet-checked good.  As well, she is checked clear and has no thyroid, heart, or eye problems.

Please inform yourself on these important issues before you buy a Dane.

 For Pedigree of Golieths Lil Diamond Smidgen

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Smidgen has a beautiful headpiece with gorgeous eyes and a wonderful earset.

As you can see, Smidgen has a gorgeous headpiece,

beautiful tight eyes and a nice ear set

with length of neck to match.

Not only does Smidgen have a beautiful head, but a long neck and nice shoulder to follow.


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