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Puppies!!! ..are here!

Arrived 2/23/17


If you are interested in a puppy, please to fill out our Information/Application form below.



Puppy Reservation Application Form

     The following questions are being asked of you so that the right puppy and the right placement of each puppy is made by bringing the various requirements of both the puppy and his/her new owner(s) into perspective, BEFORE a choice is made.

     I hope you will agree that the animal's welfare must be our foremost concern  in considering puppy placement.  If you are interested in a puppy, we would appreciate if you could please answer the following questions and submit this form when you've finished.

     Submitting this form does not obligate you to purchase a puppy, nor does it guarantee that we will have a puppy for you.  This allows us to get to know you and learn why you are interested in purchasing and owning a Great Dane.  If you have questions about our dogs or how Danes will fit into your family, please feel free to email or call us at any time.

     When filling out the form, please be sure to include your email address and that it is typed accurately. As soon as we receive your form, we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know that we have received it and will update you on the status of your form.

I know the form below may be viewed as lengthy.  Our apologies for that, but it does help us in determining differing lifestyles and how best we can match puppies when necessary.

Names (all adults in household):
Email Address:
Physical Address:
COUNTY (not country) you reside:
Phone #s: home: cell: best time to call?
How long have you lived at this address?
If renting, please give name and address of landlord:
If renting, does the rental contract allow large dogs?
How did you hear about us?
Type of dwelling: House-neighborhood
House-rural w/ property
Mobile Home
Do you have a fenced yard? yes
If yes, please describe the type/condition of fencing/how high:
Is your interest in having a Dane to have as a pet or to show?
Why would you like a Great Dane?
What are some traits or characteristics that you find desirable in a Dane?
What are some traits or characteristics that you find undesirable in a Dane?
Do you understand the difference between limited registration and full registration?
Have you ever owned a dog(s) before? yes
If yes, how many/when?
Do you currently have any other pets/animals? If yes, what kind? Are they spayed/neutered?
If you've owned a dog(s) before, what breed(s), what was your experience with this breed(s), & what were the circumstances of their death?
If you have previously owned great Dane before, where was it purchased from (breeder or kennel name)?
Name, address, & phone # of veterinarian:
Number and ages of children living with you or regularly visiting:
Do you plan on adding a baby to the family in the near future?
Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals? If yes, to what and how severe?
Have you ever taken a pet to the pound or shelter? If so, what were the circumstances?
Who will be the primary caregiver?
Where will the puppy be kept during the night?
Where will the puppy be kept during the day?
Where will puppy be kept when family is on vacation?
Is anyone home during the day? yes
If yes, who and when?
How many hours, on average, will the puppy be left alone?
Please tell me what the caregiver's typical day (schedule) looks like:
What do you expect a great Dane's activity level to be?
Where will the dog be kept when no one is home?
How will the pup be confined when outside?
Do you know about/researched some of the diseases that can affect Great Danes? If yes, please tell me the ones you are familiar with?
Do you know or have you decided on the type of diet/food you will be feeding? If so, what?
Have you ever house trained a dog before? If yes, tell me about it.
Do you have a crate? yes
no, but plan to get one
Will you socialize the puppy? If so, how will you accomplish this?
What kind of floor surfaces will the dog be on?
Do you plan to attend any puppy training classes?
Do you have a color preference? yes
If yes, please check which color(s) you prefer: Harlequin
Please select if you have a gender preference and/or if you are open to either: male
I'm open to either
Do you have experience with ear cropping? If yes, what?
Are you happy with leaving the ears natural?
Please list names and phone numbers of at least two other individuals, not related to you, who know or have known your other animals.
Have you or anyone in your immediate family ever been charged with neglect or cruelty to animals or child abuse? yes
May we, or a representative of ours, visit your home and/or check with the references you have provided? yes
These puppies are extensions of our family in a way :-) ... would you be okay with letting us know how things are going (& maybe sending a pic or 2) every now & then??
Anything you'd like us to know that we missed?

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Breezy Acres Great Danes ...our Danes are beautiful enough for the ring, but are family first!


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