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2005 Puppies



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2005 Litter Stats:

  • Born Monday, March 7th, 2005

  • 7 puppies;  4 Black males, 1 Black female, 1 Harlequin male, & 1 Solid Merle female

  • BIG and healthy!

  • At 2 1/2 days old, they weighed in @ 2 - 2.5 lbs.!

  • At 29 days old, they weighed in @ 11-12 lbs.!

  • At 42 days (just 6 weeks old!), they weighed in @ 18--20 lbs.!

Pups @ 1 week old...

Pups @ 28 days old...


Pups @ 42 days old...

Puppies enjoying their play pen stall!

No, mama is not trying to eat one of her puppies...

she's enjoying playtime as well!

Then playtime with mama ended and it came time to say good-bye.

It was a bittersweet farewell as each pup left

with their new human pack.

** Click below on thumbnail for each puppy's page **

and watch them GROW UP...

*All <new> owners had naming rights*

First born, Black Male


Congratulations to Katie!

...what a big, very sweet, loving boy he is!

Second born, Black Male


Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. Friedman & Hayley!

He is a spry, charming, outgoing character that has to be right  where you are -before you get there!

Third born, Black Male


Congratulations to Ernest and Bernice Bryan!

...what a lovable, affectionate boy he is!

Fourth born, Black Female


Congratulations to Sherri and Danny Kurtz!

...oh, this is 'mama's' beautiful mirror image with a little more white.

Fifth born

Grey Harlequin (also called solid merle) Female


Congratulations to... us!

...this girl is gorgeous, big-boned, lovely way of going and full of personality!  We think she would take everything in the ring ...if the judges were color-blind.

That's okay, we love her unique color!

Sixth born, Harlequin male


Congratulations to Neil and Sandra Kurtzman!

...this boy wants to tell you ALL about it!  He is so sweet that he seems like an 'old soul' in his beautiful new spotted body

Born seventh, Black male


Congratulations to the Hubscher family! his name could imply, this boy is a love!  He is spry with his own wit, but a Smoochie King first!


Proud mama and papa...


dam                          sire




Breezy Acres Great Danes ...where Danes are beautiful enough for the ring, but are family first!

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